A Textile Toolbox

Commissioned by TED Textile Environmental Design Research Group to design a Textile Toolbox for Swedish Fashion and Textile design. Melanie Bowles and Kathryn Round  worked together to create Smogasboard a ‘pick and mix’ box of pattern, colour and quality. Inspired by researching the origins of kindergarten learning, the designers have developed a beautifully crafted game contained in a box. Smörgåsboard is a hands-on game that encourages analogue play and participatory design to create patterns ready to Print Make & Wear. The work addresses the TED Ten’s approach to create methods of sustainable design.

  • Smorasbord-1
  • Smorgasbord-box-1
  • Smorgasboar-box-2
  • Smorgasboard-3
  • Smorgasboard-box-4
  • Smagasboard-Skirt-flat
  • smorgasboard-Skirt
  • Smorgasboard-pattern

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