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THE PEOPLE’S PRINT is an open source community for like-minded people who have a passion for textile design. A place to share ideas, skills, thoughts, news, event, experiments and work. The Peoples Print fosters social interaction, open source design, collaborative and democratic working methods to create textiles and fashion for a sustainable future. Recognising old skills and looking forward to new ones, combining both hand and digital, slow and fast paces in our thinking.

Founded by Melanie and Emma founder of The Slow Textiles Group who both work with Fast/Slow methods of design using hand and digital processes and whose workshops encourage participatory design through shared learning


‘Participatory design offers an opportunity to change the power structures associated with fashion and to produce garments by a different means.

This could be the result of a long conversation between designers and users or by individuals cutting, sewing and making garments themselves.

These approaches are implicit in a shift from quantity to quality that is central to sustainability. This shift embodies the shift from wants to needs, global to local, fast to slow and consuming to making. This quality-based agenda promotes a new model of action that recognises the importance of fashion to our culture but disassociates it from the passivity, indifference and disengagement that is frequently induced by mass-market consumerist fashion’

Kate Fletcher